David’s Accident


Debra Nunez and David Oaks - January 2013

Debra Nunez and David Oaks – January 2013

Unfortunately last December David made the mistake of trying to grab his cat from his studio loft while on a ladder in shoes he didn’t notice were wet. Suddenly he fell several feet landing directly on his neck, breaking it and hanging upside down with his feet stuck in the ladder. He realized his life was in danger and frantically reached for the cell phone fortunately in his pocket. He managed to call his wife Debra in the nearby house to say, “I’ve fallen and can’t move. Please help me.” She rushed out and helped to lower him to the floor as David said, “I may not make it.” He was feeling numbness creep rapidly through his body. Debra called 911 and waited for way too long before paramedics arrived with an ambulance after having trouble finding the address. They rushed David to the hospital for emergency surgery. Eventually because of his brittle bones, various infections and pneumonia he contacted, and at least three surgeries, David became the longest ICU patient they ever had at the hospital. At one point he nearly lost his life because of an undetected urinary tract infection that turned septic causing a fever of 107 degrees. Fortunately one of David’s friends and family was always present overnight and on that night Debra was on guard and saw that he was fading. She had to persist to get help as David had been recently released from ICU to another floor with less care at the urging of the insurance company. Hospital staff rushed to find ice to pack around David to bring down the fever and return him to ICU. Weeks later, he was released for rehab at first at a local rehab facility where the emphasis is only on adapting. But again friends and family helped by finding the excellent Craig Hospital for spinal cord patients near Denver where he made very good progress** at recovering functions. Now we are grateful he was able to return home in May.

**Read about David’s progress at: www.friendsofdavidoaks.com

Read: “Activist down but not out: An accident at home put David Oaks in the ICU, but his wife and friends are by his side
Jan. 27, 2013 | Eugene Register-Guard



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